Initial Consultation/ New Patient:

At the first consultation, Mr Mathew will begin by taking a brief history, which will include details regarding your general health, medications, allergies, any previous surgery etc.

Then the focus will be directed to the problem you are presenting with…. Specifically with respect to duration of symptoms, associated pain, loss of movement, feeling of instability, night time symptoms, any prior injury and difficulties with activities of daily living.

He will also ask about the nature of your work, sporting activities and hobbies in order to assess your level of physical demand and its impact on your affected limb and subsequently to appropriately advise you on your treatment strategies.

Mr Mathew will then move on to a comprehensive examination of the affected limb and any other joints as appropriate. This may sometimes cause discomfort but this will be kept to the minimum required to make a provisional diagnosis and establish a list of possible differential diagnosis.
These will then help focus and direct any further Investigations that may be required to establish a definitive diagnosis.

You will then be advised to make a follow up appointment to review the investigations and formulate a treatment plan.

Please also see Things to remember